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    About Yong Qing
        Guiyang Yongqing Electric Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the enjoyment of "China summer capital" reputation of Guizhou city in Guiyang Province, registered capital of 100 million yuan, has a staff of 320 people, including 110 R & D personnel, is a monitoring system of engineering machinery, agricultural machinery monitoring system, industrial automation control system for leading products, set product development, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises.
        The development and application of the new technology of Guiyang Yong Qing, has been identified as the pilot units of intellectual property rights in Guiyang, the provincial enterprise technology center, Guizhou Province high-tech enterprises. By promoting the modern enterprise management mode, promoting industrialization by informatization, enterprise management level has been gradually improved, for three consecutive years was named "Guiyang city informatization construction advanced unit", and "demonstration enterprise of Guizhou province CAD application project title.
        Enterprises adhere to the direction of product differentiation, dedicated to do, do fine, do special. At present, in the leading domestic technology field of engineering machinery in mechanical and electrical, power control, hydraulic control and remote communication technology research and Implementation on independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights and become the industry leader. In the field of industrial automation control, through the application of automatic control technology to lead the market.
        Guiyang Yong green enterprises and employees to guide the joint development, and strive to build a learning oriented enterprises, and promote the initiative, dedication, dedication, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit. In recent years, the rapid growth of the company's annual growth rate of 30%-40%, the per capita output value and profits and taxes ranked the forefront of peers.

        Sustained, stable and rapid development of Yong Qing, will provide you with a broader platform for development, and we look forward to your joining together to write a new chapter forever yong!

    Enterprise vision:
        Focus on the engineering machinery monitoring system and automation control system development and industrialization, the construction machinery electronic monitoring system industry first brand, automation control system industry leader!
    National key new product certificate -WGLJY230E excavator electronic monitoring and energy saving control system
    Guizhou province two outstanding new products, new technologies and other awards in 2009 - Yong Qing hydraulic excavator electronic energy-saving control system
    Excellent new products in Guiyang in 2009
    2010 Guiyang excellent new product two prize
    Guizhou high tech enterprise
    Guizhou provincial enterprise technology center
    Guiyang intellectual property rights protection enterprise (medal) in 2011
    Outstanding enterprise of Guiyang intellectual property pilot work in 2010 (medal)
    Excellent enterprise management system certification (2010)
    2010 Guizhou quality integrity AAAA brand enterprise
    2008-2009 a tax credit enterprise (medal)
    College graduates employment probation national demonstration units (medals)
    Guizhou province manufacturing information excellent demonstration enterprise (medal) in 2011
    Guiyang Yong Qing is located in the "summer capital" reputation of Guiyang, the registered capital of 30 million yuan, more than 450 employees, with an average age of less than 32 years old. Own......
    Guiyang Yongqing Instruments & Electronics Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 
    Address: Guiyang Baiyun District Baiyun Road No. 249,Guizhou Province
    Telephone: 086-0851-85109696