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    Company profile
        Guiyang Yongqing electric instrument technology is a construction machinery monitoring system, automation instruments and complete sets of low-voltage electrical apparatus, special intelligent control product development, production and marketing, technology promotion and service as one of the high-tech enterprises. Enterprises to technology as the guide, focusing on the development and application of new and high technology, focusing on the development of core competitiveness, with independent intellectual property rights. Companies committed to the transformation of the traditional industry with information technology, by the national science and Technology Award "CAD demonstration enterprise"; in 2002 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification; in 2005 won the national mandatory product certification (3C certification). Enterprise products were rated as brand-name products in Guiyang.
        Guiyang Yong Qing instrument technology has a strong product research and development capabilities. Engaged in engineering machinery electronic control system development and production in 1994, 10 years has accumulated rich experience in mechanical engineering control system in anti - jamming, anti vibration, anti harsh environment, and with the help of the Guizhou special military aviation parts development platform and manufacturing resources, combined with their own professional control technology. Has introduced the independent intellectual property rights of the control system of engineering machinery cost-effective leading-edge products. Is now a long time to the major domestic manufacturers supporting the host, to obtain a high degree of evaluation and recognition. Products are "engineering machinery control system energy saving two prize", "construction machinery electronic monitoring system brand products" and other honors.
        Guiyang Yongqing electric instrument technology control engineering project in the plant process equipment design and installation implementation also has accumulated rich experience, has a strong sense of responsibility, a high level of technology professional R & D team, can provide customers with all kinds of control system of complete solutions to the implementation of the program, and in control technology widely used in all kinds of advanced instruments, PLC, DCS distributed control system, to ensure the implementation of the project can be implemented as a user's production control and management to provide timely and reliable information and excellent quality assurance. A lot of field control system research and development, our company design and production of complete sets of equipment and instruments, instrument manufacturing has been widely used in metallurgy, chemical, electric power, coal, rubber, medical instruments, universities, research institutes, building control and other industries, and unanimously approved customers.
        Guiyang Yongqing electric instrument technology is a young team full of vigor and vitality, solidarity and innovation, very strategic leadership to actively promote the modern enterprise management concepts, and strive to create a learning oriented enterprises, the formation of a "love life, honest work, by taking the letter" with Yongqing characteristics enterprise culture.