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    Germany Klass leadership to visit our company to communicate
    Date of publication:2016/8/29 15:00:35  source:   Click volume:6791

    In August 4, 2016, the German machinery company (CLAAS KGaA mbH Klass) Asia Purchasing Director Ms. Wang Shuang and Claes Chinese Shandong branch (Shandong Konami income billion) deputy general manager Mr. Liu Houbao for a 3 people to visit our company, to visit the exchange company deputy general manager Han Yan Qin, assistant general manager Zhang Haixin and development department and marketing department accompanied by the relevant leadership reception, Claes company main purpose related to leadership is visiting through visits, technical exchanges, for the first time a comprehensive understanding and assessment of the strength of our company, in order to further recommend Yongqing into G Las supplier system audit, and the cooperation and the future development of communication.
        Through the investigation into the production of our company workshop, laboratory, technology center, Claes machinery company Asia Sourcing Director Ms. Wang Shuang said the first visit was very satisfied with my company, identity management concept, management mode and strong product experiment ability, said our influence in the construction machinery industry, will accelerate to enter the agricultural industry the pace and need to find suppliers crass characteristics coincide, full of confidence in the next cooperation.
        After the visit, the two sides conducted in-depth communication in the administrative conference room, promotion Minister Lee on behalf of the company to welcome Klaas's visit, and through PPT with the company, from the history, culture, honor, production capacity, product display and existing customers etc. Yongqing are introduced. A total of the company's technical strength, quality assurance in detail; technical exchanges docking on the early Klaas and chief engineer Liu Zhaofu explained. Director Wang to explain to you the crass company, she said, crass as an experienced has 100 years of history, the family business war baptism, its long history and rich cultural heritage, management pattern is novel, products covered by bundling machine, tractors, harvesters and other mainstream agricultural equipment, mainly located in the global market in 2013 85%, the acquisition of shares in Shandong billion cheerful agriculture machinery corp China Konami income formally enter the market, and the establishment of the sales company in Beijing in 2014, the company's production of silage machine market holdings accounted for the global share of 50% in the next two to three years, plans will be integrated into China supplier localization, and green product support the main controller, and other important components of electronic control system or instrument. After mutual understanding of the two sides, the company made a brief discussion on the technical aspects of cooperation, the two sides of the technical cooperation with confidence and expectations.
        Finally, director Wang said that as soon as possible will examine the results back to the company to promote Claes Claes, Yongqing review process, and proposed Yongqing Claes domestic branch technology further exchanges, hopes the two sides as soon as possible into the in-depth cooperation stage.