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    Agricultural machinery industry leader in the development of intelligence
    Date of publication:2016/12/5 14:28:44  source:   Click volume:6886

     October 25, 2016, we ushered in the annual meeting of Wuhan Agricultural Expo, the company with agricultural tractors and harvesters and other products unveiled. Wuhan International Expo Center through the exchange platform, so that we have the opportunity to contact with the industry's efforts to further in-depth customer exchanges and achieved remarkable results.
    Exhibition scale
    The Wuhan Agricultural Machinery Agricultural Machinery Industry Exhibition and exchange meeting as the annual autumn festival, is the first in Asia, the world famous China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, the exhibition exhibitors for the first time exceeded 2000, exhibition area of over 220 thousand square meters, in the three days of the exhibition, there are more than 130 thousand people come to visit. I come to exchange booth to visit customers in a continuous line.
    Yong Qing exhibits
    The agricultural machinery exhibition is my company to participate in the second session of the agricultural machinery industry exhibition exchange, the company attaches great importance to. On the display of the company's agricultural machinery industry focus on the promotion of tractors and harvesters two product lines of electrical system solutions. Overall, the company is mainly positioned in the agricultural machinery industry in the high-end market, give full play to the company over the years accumulated experience in the construction machinery products, the introduction of a combination of color LCD Meter and system control product line. Tractor: instrument, 3.5 inch LCD 7 inch LCD to the instrument through the integrated reverse image function to the host plant and the leadership of visitors to product Yongqing have put it down. The direction of harvesting machinery: form Yongqing module can be any combination of the electrical system of harvesting machinery overall can let the host plant operation convenience in the electrical, users, and the display module launched from 5 "to 10.1 inch instrument rich product series.
    Customer communication and harvest
    Second times in the agricultural machinery industry event, the exhibition company launched the product to Qingdao a year ago, let the industry inside the major OEMs leadership and related personnel to see Yongqing progress surprised Yongqing to enter the agricultural industry for more than a year to achieve this effect. In particular, Yong Qing in the tractor instrument market promotion, R & D efforts and other aspects of the investment have expressed high respect. During the meeting, the customer said more is Yong Yong will promote the development of the industry in the electrical system. To this end, the relevant leaders Chinese agricultural industry agreement came to Yongqing booth to visit carefully and asked in detail about the actual situation of Yongqing, and praise to "Chinese agricultural machinery industry has Yongqing such suppliers will be the industry as a whole of the gospel". The "agricultural machinery industry" in the high-end products and the company agree without prior without previous consultation also saw the location, in the agricultural machinery industry development prospects Yongqing is vast, space is huge.
    Through this exhibition to allow customers to understand the main plant of the company's current products and the company's investment, allowing users to see the determination of our agricultural machinery. I believe that through our efforts, Yong Qing products will be recognized as a whole of the agricultural machinery industry. Agricultural machinery industry leader in the development of intelligence is our eternal goal and responsibility.