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    Our company in the urban rail construction of more than 10 million bid
    Date of publication:2016/4/21 15:35:26  source:   Click volume:8047


    In March, our company ushered in a good news, like a thunder, a time from every corner of the company.
    In the leadership of the company's decision-making and all staff's unremitting efforts, our company from other competitors and won the bid of Guiyang City Rail Transportation Co. Ltd. of Guiyang Rail Transit Line 1 distribution box equipment procurement project. This is the core technology of the company, the competitiveness of the affirmative, but also an important opportunity for the company to achieve better development, fully demonstrated the company's leadership and forward-looking.
    Guiyang Metro Line 1 line from under the Jinyang district on the west side of Mizraim, ended in Chang Ba Cun station. Line length of 34.308km, of which off the assembly line 29.022km, elevated and ground line 4.286km; a total of 24 stations, of which the underground station of the 20, the ground station of the 2, elevated station, the seat of the transfer station, 5. Contact line 1 (located in the integrity of the road station in the northwest quadrant). In Jinyang Mizraim Juliangduan 1 block, the presence of a river dam village parking lot 1, in good faith Road station located near the control center 1.
    Each line of high and low pressure cabinet, control cabinet, MCC cabinet, emergency power supply, power distribution boxes and other equipment totaling about 150 million yuan. For us, this is a challenge and an opportunity. It is understood that the city of Guiyang to speed up the development of the city, is gradually carried out and the construction of rail transit planning, the scale of investment should not be underestimated. It is reported that in the next 10 years, Guiyang will invest in the next line, which is an important part of the distribution box equipment procurement project, the market space is very considerable in the world, the next 8 years. To complete a good foundation in the pre project, after Strategizing the leadership of the company, the construction of rail lines in the following we strive to compete at a higher level.
    The project bid amount of about 1120 yuan, including the main line station on Guiyang Metro Line 1 dual power switch box, power distribution box, lighting distribution box, and the station interval and maintenance socket box of equipment supply, installation supervision, commissioning and other related services, the total count more than 2000 sets of power distribution cabinet.
    This let us bid doubling on the technical strength and experience in the field of confidence in the company, as long as the company to work together in unison, seize the opportunity, will make the development of the company strive for further improvement. It is reported that the province of Zunyi, Bijie and other city in response to the Party Central City to speed up the pace of construction, in line to the center of the city, city rail project has begun in design. And the project of our company in the process of competition has been paid much attention to the leadership of the Orbital Corporation highly praise, as a bid, we have a serious challenge and glorious mission, to this end, we will go all out to mobilize all positive factors, to take all effective measures to ensure the smooth delivery of products, and striving for quality products and efficient service, active deployment of manpower and resources, the formation of the whole company ningchengyigusheng, undivided attention to meet customer needs, to ensure the project early start and early completion, establish a good corporate image and reputation for the company.
    We believe that under the leadership of the company, the company will usher in more opportunities for development, and catch up with the rapid development of urban rail transit, rapid and good development.