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    homepage > construction machinery > Monitor > > Embedded monitor
    construction machinery
    Product series
    Serialized 5 inch
    Serialized 10.1 inch
    Serialized 6.5 inch
    Serialized 7 inch
    Serialized 8.4 inch
    Serialized 9 inch
    34 pin controller
    60 pin controller
    80 pin controller
    121 pin controller
    154 pin controller
    Display control system
    Revo 4 inch mini excavator
    Liugong 908E series small dig
    Ishikawa Island 5.7 inch small dig
    Dragon 5 inch color small dig
    Boyuan 7 inch corn harvester
    Zoomlion 7 inch silage machine
    Giant 7 inch harvester
    Luoyang harvest 7 inch harvester
    Combination instrument
    VOLVO Loader
    31 loader
    XCMG loader
    Revo loader
    Chang Linzhu loader
    Chang Linzhu grader
    Liugong roller
    Horse roller
    Shantui bulldozer
    Zoomlion / Liugong bulldozer
    Universal tractor instrument
    Regular tractor
    Gabriel tractor
    Zoomlion tractor
    World tractor
    Key panel
    4*4 panel
    Electric control handle
    Wire harness
    Wire harness
    Throttle knob
    Industry application
    Ability guarantee
    Cooperative partner
    Service and support
    • The monitor can meet the application requirements in harsh environment, and is suitable for industrial, heavy equipment and other fields. The utility model can be used for equipment condition monitoring, alarm information display and system diagnosis. With RS232 interface, easy system integration, system expansion.