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    MNSE low voltage draw out type switch cabinet
    • MNSE low voltage switch cabinet frame is a combined structure, and the basic framework is made up of C profiles. The C profile is formed steel plate bending modulus between mounting holes with E=25mm, all cabinet member structure galvanized by tapping screws 8.8 or six angle bolts connected into a solid basic frame, door, partition, and mounting bracket corresponding to the scheme and the change of bus function unit parts are assembled into complete switch cabinet. The internal dimensions of the switchgear, the size of the parts and the size of the compartment are in accordance with the modular (E=25mm) change.
      The MNSE type low pressure at the beginning of each cabinet cabinet is divided into three chambers, namely the level of bus room (in the cabinet, drawer cabinet (rear) in the cabinet front), cable room (in the cabinet or cabinet before the lower right). Between the room and the room are separated from each other by steel or high strength plastic board, a metal plate with ventilating holes isolation between the upper and lower drawer, in order to effectively prevent short circuit arc or fly with other bus line switch components caused by the faults caused by the accident.
      MNSE low voltage switch cabinet structure design can meet the requirements of a variety of entry and exit lines: up and down, up and down, up and down.
      Compact design: a small space to accommodate more functional units.
      The structure of the utility model has the advantages of strong versatility, flexible assembly, and the structure of the E=25mm can be combined arbitrarily, so as to meet the requirement of system design.
      The busbar is protected by high strength flame retardant, high insulation strength plastic function board, and has the function of resisting fault arc.
      The mechanical interlocking mechanism of various sizes of drawers conforms to the standard, and has three obvious positions of connection, test and separation, and is safe and reliable.
      The use of high strength flame retardant engineering plastics, effectively enhance the safety of protection.
      High degree of standardization, easy assembly. Reliable quality assurance.
      The cabinet can be selected according to different requirements of working environment protection level of the application phase.
      Continuity and reliability of equipment protection.