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    GCS low voltage draw out type switch cabinet
    • The main structure of the device is made of steel, the structure of which is assembled and welded in two forms, and the main frame is provided with a mounting hole of the module E20mm. Each compartment of the device is strictly separated, and its compartment is mainly divided into functional unit room, bus room, cable room function of each unit is relatively independent.
      functional unit
      1, the drawer layer modulus of 160mm, divided into 1/2 units, 1 units, 1.5 units, 2 units, 3 units of the five series;
      2, drawer changes only in the height of the size changes, the width, depth of the same size. The drawer with the same functional unit has good interchangeability;
      3, each cabinet can be installed up to 11 units of a drawer or drawer of 22 1/2 units;
      4, according to the same connector line and the drawer type structure with different specifications of the current number of;
      5 drawer unit is equipped with mechanical interlocking device. Drawer unit has a sufficient number of two plug-ins (1 units and above for the 32, 1/2 unit for the 20 root), to meet the computer interface and automatic control circuit for the number of contacts.
      The drawer out of the line according to the same specification type connector loop current size with different number, using a general electric current within 200A connector.
      The switch of the 1/2 drawer and the cable chamber adopts a switching device of a back plate type structure, and a connecting piece of a rod type structure is adopted for the switching of a unit drawer and a cable chamber.
      The operating handle drawer panel on clockwise arrangement: extraction, isolation, test, brake, marking and positioning switch, the handle can be freely functional unit in "spare" position, the drawer and the function unit chamber is provided with a mechanical interlock necessary at each position. The cable feeding cabinet and motor control cabinet is provided with a special the compartment, connected by connector adapter or copper functional unit and cable compartment cable, convenient installation and maintenance of the user on the cable, the cable compartment has two width (240mm or 440mm) for the selection of users, the number of cables and visual, section and users for convenient installation and maintenance. Request.
      Considering the common dry-type transformers, safety and economic performance of oil immersed transformer, device can conveniently and dry type transformers form a group of columns, can also be conveniently connected with the low voltage oil immersed transformer.
      In the drawer as the main body, and is withdrawable and fixed, can be mixed in a reasonable way.
      The device is designed according to the three-phase five wire system and the three-phase four wire system, and the design department and the user can conveniently select PE+N or PEN mode.
      Cabinet protection grade is IP30, IP40 users can select according to the need.