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    homepage > About Yong Qing > cultural life > Let the thought take a deep breath -- the first phase of management knowledge training in 2012
    Let the thought take a deep breath -- the first phase of management knowledge training in 2012

    In 2012, the first phase of management knowledge training and the management of the role of cognitive and team training, the theme of training, in July 13, 2012 successfully concluded. Training training and outdoor two part, adopt group competition, active atmosphere, the Group actively enterprising, show the vitality of our people at the same time, gain knowledge.

    Training in July 6th and 7, hired well-known lecturer Wang Yiheng scene teaching. Wang's teaching is characterized by passion, humor, using a large number of cases to encourage employees to participate in the experience. The first day of the course is a management role cognition and how to work, managers should be the role of the pin head tube, rather than from head to foot tube ";" the staff want your advice, but do not want your point; staff hope you into his heart, but not in his heart and ". They are easy to understand, but profound. Managers to develop work plans, with the most important (Class A), important (B class), sub important (C class) classification, we have to grasp the essentials of the tool. The second day course is still the continuation of the previous day style and status, we play a lot of video case to the lecturer, from the "soldiers surprise" to the "sword", from home to abroad, "with copper as a mirror, you can dress up the person, can know the pros and cons of" vivid case so that everyone on the knowledge the memory more firmly.
    The arrangement of outdoor activities began in July 13th, the first is the construction of team culture, selection, standard bearer, team captain, singing songs, slogans, the design team to carve, we work out as "high tech enterprise", our team of creative, "flying dragon dance" and "wolves" it is passionate, team song. Expand the activity day arrangements enriched, "support the frontline", "trust fall back", "Tower of Hanoi", "have a narrow escape from death" and "building rope room", finally the arrangement is a team competition project "gone in 60 seconds". Because it is the integral system, the teams are put into, each after the completion of the project manager to bring everyone to share activities, trust, responsibility, communication, cooperation and team is about vocabulary. Especially the last project is divided into four rounds of competition, the team started their own business, to the collective consultation, to sacrifice, finally to achieve a win-win situation, the team's collective spirit to play the most incisive, also let us understand the essence of win-win cooperation!
    The training of not less students interaction, there are a lot of students that benefited enormously from this training, some people also put forward the relevant suggestions to our training organization. It is better to learn than to learn, as to realize, as well as to do, whether it is useful to see everyone's action. Deep breathing can improve the body's blood circulation, the thought of deep breathing?