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    Embedded Software Development Engineer
    Embedded Software Development Engineer
    Responsible for the software development of embedded control system, including engine control and control of various hydraulic systems (controlled by solenoid valves). Be familiar with the control requirements of the typical hydraulic system of construction machinery, cooperate with the platform hardware engineer to develop and debug the system.
    Job requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, communication, automation or related
    2, proficient in embedded development environment and tools
    3, proficiency in the use of C language, good code and code style
    4, good documentation skills
    5. Good command of English in reading and speaking
    6, with STM32 series hardware design and development experience
    7, with STM32 series of software driver development experience
    8. Experience with uCOS or other operating system development
    9, independently undertake more than 3 project development or in more than 3 projects to undertake the main development tasks
    10, work seriously, strong sense of responsibility, good learning ability, communication skills and team spirit
    11, automotive electronics product development experience is preferred
    12. Experience with programmable platform development is preferred