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    Project Design Engineer
    1, automatic control system, high and low voltage distribution cabinet, such as the design of the project drawings and system installation guide, commissioning;
    2, responsible for the preparation of project design specifications, technical standards, commissioning standards, etc..
    3, with the production, research and development work of major technical problems.
    At least 3 years experience in high voltage and low voltage electrical design or automation project design and implementation, familiar with power distribution system selection, drawing design, rich experience in field technical service.
    Treatment: annual salary of 6 - 100 thousand
    Provide: endowment insurance unemployment insurance medical insurance maternity insurance injury insurance housing accumulation fund year-end bonus staff travel staff training
    Other benefits:
    Single subsidies, food subsidies, marriage Housing Allowance (minimum 10 thousand), travel subsidies, holiday benefits, single apartments, transport vehicles